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Rák and Rák

Gear Manufacturing Corporation

Quality since 1921

Rák and Rák Gear Manufacturing Corp. has been present in the parts manufacturing industry since 1921. Our Company’s scope of activities is extremely wide because we manufacture custom parts and cogwheels/gears for, gearpumps, agricultural machinery, railroad vehicles, various drives, and for food industrial, chemical industrial, mining industrial and energy sector machinery unique and in mass production . We undertake the manufacturing and repair of gears and gear-boxes (drives) for which our customers don’t have technical documentation any more.

More than 80 years of experience
in manufacturing of gears is our argument
​for highest quality.

Customized service

The EU market, as well as German and Austrian companies in particular, are taking up an increasing share of our products. Besides, meeting our regional business and individual customers’ demands, even the low-volume ones, is also a special priority as we intend to help them each solve their technical problems right from the design phase to the manufacturing phase.

Speed and competitive prices

By never abandoning their continuous vocational training, our specialists perform their work with several decades professional and manufacturing experience. Speed and competitive prices are their trademarks.

Our goals

  highest qualtity

  customer satisfaction

​  excellent time management

​  competitive prices

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