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Our services and disciplines in gear manufacturing

The construction of gears and gear drives for our company is more than just a profession, we see this as a vocation! Gears are essential components for the conversion and transmission of mechanical energy. This technique has proved to be a milestone in human development  from ancient times to the present day – to manufacturing technology of gear profile – constantly evolving. Every little gear in combination with other components are relevant members for the functionality of complex mechanical movement processes and is believed by us in the future, will never lose its importance. These findings are basic foundations of our corporate actions!

Our know-how and many years of experience in combination with the latest design software guarantees high quality of our products, the satisfaction of our customers and therefore also for the economic success and competitiveness of our company. Design and production is our primary objective through the fulfillment of customer requirements addition, reliable transmission to construct with highly efficient and clear structure that can be produced economically. Complete contracts, including manufacturing, quality and reliability of the produced components are guaranteed by our decades of experience and the constantly optimized plant park

What we provide

 operational reliability with appropriately designed and precisely produced transmission designs

 the wide choice of materials for the gear produced from refined, for the nitride and case hardening steels suitable (hardened and ground gears with excellent accuracy IT) to polymer gears

 if necessary by crack detection tested gears for maximum durability and safety

 the axes of all gears with carefully constructed storage with sliding or rolling bearings for the uniform and favorable load distribution

 Construction of gears with single, kompensierter- and general teeth

 Checking the viability of tooth surfaces including the calculation of life (even against pitting and hard drive

 Careful profile optimization to reduce a reduced noise level

 possible simply constructed and designed drive housing for easy mounting, precise manufacturing and integrated bearing formwork

 relaxed welds

 efficiency-optimized gear profile, leading to several thousand euros in electricity cost savings, reduced wear and reduced operating temperatures

 Elaboration of the construction documentation and depending on the agreement and the complete manufacturing documentation

​ daily updated knowledge, flexibility and openness to new possibilities in the design and production

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